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Information technology works as a boon, a blessing for Industry. As, it brings people to world on Knowledge. Knowledge about your products , services and much more. Do you find yourself "fixing" your system, manage your customer, and explain about your services to others more and more often? Are you tired of being an IT person instead of a business owner?

Leave it on us, we will manage all these. We provide complete IT packages. Let us people know about you and they become your valuable customers.

With over 5 years of experience and our business, ICT can offer a variety of complete IT packages.
P1- Dynamic Web Package Include :
           1- Analyze your business and target audience.
           2- Domain research and registration.(If required or not available)
           3- Website design and development as per analysis
           4- Hosting and set the website Live
           5- Start online marketing.
           6- Search Engine Optimization (Various steps involved)
           7- Result analysis when SEO completed.
           8- Now we are sure we have a good volume of customers
           9- Manage these customer through our Software CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
          10- Human Resource outsourcing, if required for CRM or any other IT related works.
P2- Static Web Package Include :

All the above steps involved in this package except website will be static. Administrator always need our staff to update content or image on website but in dynamic its not required. Know more about our static website Rs. 799 Pack ...

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