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CRM Development:


In the developing world of Information Technologies,the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is commonly used by small and large companies for keeping records upto date. CRM development needs to be carried out in strict compliance with the present day market’s harsh requirements Small business Customer Relationship Management software requires as much expertise as any other solution. It is a well known fact that a good relationship with a customer is the basis for successful trade.



India CVSN Technologies (ICT) is an expert in CRM integration and CRM programming. After we’ve evaluated the scope and unique features of

your business, we’ll be able to offer you solutions which would best fit the unique concept of your business. All thought we already have a web based CRM as a product. Our CRM product is developed on the basis of market research, we visit many SME lavel companies, meet with well qualified CA and other financial experts. With their inputs we develop this product. Our CRM software have the following features:


  •     Product sales entry ( User Friendly)
  •     Activity management on a daily basis
  •     Account management
  •     Invoice Management
  •     MIS Reporting
  •     User Management
  •     Multiple Search Feature
  •     3rd party integration


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Most newer or growing businesses are simple enough that they don’t need an enterprise-wide set of integrated systems to manage their workflow. For them, the REAL challenge is getting those first customers and proving the business model.


However, since customer acquisition is a substantial cost center early on, there is definitely value to be gained in having a single system that combines Marketing, Sales, Contact Management and Customer Support.

When you combine these areas of the business, you keep a high-level view on the progress of your marketing activities and locate areas for improvement.


A good CRM should also help you forecast revenue by tracking the progress of your pipeline.

Many modern CRM systems even provide marketing and sales automaton functions, such as automated email.


Please write us a mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you think we can help you in your business through our CRM software. We will contact you. If needed we can customized on product according to your business logic and requirement.